La Flor is a premier supplier of delicious, high-end, all-natural, certified organic, artisan-style food products.  Dating back to 1959, we have grown from humble beginnings into a large-scale wholesale manufacturer. Private label or branded, we specialize in creating high-quality, unique artisan products that help you position your offerings above the competition. Our artisan approach enables us to tailor our ready-made formulas to your needs, or to develop new products that are truly one-of-a-kind.

With over 50 years of heritage, we have developed time-tested winning formulations of tortillas, wraps and flat-breads with an artisan flare and distinct-appeal. The success of our business is due in great part to the founders who left us a legacy that we continue to cultivate with honesty and integrity. Very simply expressed, ” Muy bienvenidos, en que les puedo servir?” meaning “Welcome, how can we be of service?”, has been an influential tool in meeting our customers’ needs. Our clients are loyal because customer service and quality are our number one priority.

Integrity, Reliability, and an unyielding commitment to quality
fuel our Passion For Good Food


  • An unyielding commitment to food quality & safety standards

  • Truly handmade and authentic artisan products that provide superior tastes and textures with distinct visual appeal consumers instinctively gravitate to.

  • Unique, “fluffy”, bread-like textures due to our proprietary manufacturing process.

  • Unique manufacturing processes that enable us to run both small and large volume batches with various profiles.

  • A proven track-record of delivering custom, flavorful, trend-setting, all-natural, high-end products that enable our customers to better position their brands and maximize profitability.

  • West Coast and East Coast manufacturing plants, to get you what you need as efficiently as possible.

  • Integrity, Reliability and Quality in all we do.


Integrity, reliability, and an unyielding commitment to quality fuel our passion for good food. These core values drive us to progressively strive to enhance the sustainability of our operations. We continually work on minimizing our operational waste and minimizing our environmental impact. We recycle plastic, cardboard and pallets and reuse and recycle many traditional waste streams. We are reducing paper use by going electronic. We are improving our packaging processes to eliminate superfluous packing material. We donate excess foods and food waste to local food banks and farmers. We source premium ingredients that are all-natural, organic, free of pesticides and herbicides, GMO-free, RBST-free, and free of anything artificial. We meet the highest quality standards including extensive screening of all vendors and third party audits, and thorough tracking & traceability of our products and raw ingredients. All our relationships are built on integrity, reliability, and respect – promoting safe and reliable work places and opportunities for employees, fostering long-term dependable relationships with our clients and vendors, giving back to the community by providing donations and support to local charities and non-profits, and maintaining and building trust with our consumers by committing to serve them with excellence.